Weird Band Names

This is an ever-expanding list of strange band names…most of which were thought of by me. I have given an indication of those that were contributed by others. Keep checking back for updates. New entries are in bold.



12 Reasons Why We Suck

4 out of 5 Doctors (JeL)

553 – Disapproved Content (KN)

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A Brush with Wetness

A Night at the Oprah

A Whole Bunch of Nothin’


Achtung Baby Teeth

Adult-Onset Diuretic

Adult-Onset Sweatpants

Altar Call Forwarding

All Done with Egg Beaters

All Hands Meeting

Alphabet Soupy Sales (JeL)

Ambiguous Pizza Toppings

American Yum Yum Clown Monkey

Amish Photo Op (MG)

Andrew’s Adenoids (JL)

Andy Williams-Sonoma

Anonymous Cow (JL)

Annoyed by the Area Code (BH)

Aperitif for Destruction

Apgar Demo

ASCII to the City

Asian Football Player (BH)

Asparagus Children

Attempted Intimate Numbering

Attention Deficit Dungeons & Dragons (MH)

Axl Rose Stanley

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Bad Blowout and the Diaper Genies

Bad Spellers Untie

Bag of Nope (BH)

Barack You Like a Hurricane

Basket of Remotes (CG)

Begging for Broccoli

Big Apologetic Nail Diagnosis (B.A.N.D.)

Big Cramp and the Hiccups (AH)

Big Salad and the Beans (AH)

Bilirubin Sandwiches

Bi-Polar Opposites

Bill Cozumel

Blood Sweat & Tears for Fears

Bottom Mustard (AH)

Bowl Full of Mush

Boy George Michael Jackson Brown(e) Bannister (KN)

Brain Freeze

Buddy Ibsen and the Fancy Eatin’ Tables

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Call-Ahead Seeding

Cankles McMurtry

Captian Kirk Douglas MacArthur (KN)

Casual Contact

Chef Tell Overture

Chet Atkins Diet (BG)


Chex in the Male (MH)

Chick Refrigerator Magnet

Chicken Fried Ricecakes (CG)

Chicken Lotion (BH)

Chicken Missile (BH)

Chip, Leave for Me (NaH)

Chock Full of Optimism

Chocolate Jones and the Temple of Funk (this is from Mystery Science Theater 3000)

Chocolate Mohawk

Chocolate Monkey (AH)

Cold Snap

Computer Tex

Cookie Monster Truck Rally

Cool Pillow & the Crazed Banana

Coretta Scott Baio

Corn Juice (AH)

Corn on the Crib

Corned Beef Hashtag

Courtney’s Plastic Head

Cradle Cap & The Nastygrams

Crawling with Filth

Crevice Tool

Critically Ill (JL)

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Dancing with Tuna

David Lee Roth IRA

Death by Partially Hydroginated Soy Bean Oil (AH)

Death by Zanzibar Slacks


Delirious Navel Ambush

Dewey Decimal System of a Down

Dewey Redman Decimal System

Deviated Septum & The Strategic Abuse

Diarrheostat Lighting

Dickie Thon Underwear

Dimebag Squarepants

Dishwasher Safe Sex

Do Trousers Matter?

Donut Day with Dad

Driving Lesson Subordination

Drowning in Butter

Dump Truck Soliloquy (JW)

Dumpster Fire

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Eddy Albert Einstein

Eight Minute Absolution (CG)

Egregious Lichen Shenanigans

Elderly Children (JL)

Electoral Collagen

Electric Twang Fudge

Elton John Glenn Miller Time

Enron Hubbard

Evasive Surgery

Extruded Plastic Dingus

Eye Cruddy (NiH)

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Fancy Plans & Pants to Match

Fanny Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young

Far Beyond Pizza

Fat Boys 2 Men

Fish Fish Milk (NaH)

Fleetwood Mac & Cheese

Flip Wilson Phillips (KN)

Flying Lead Probes

Foreseeable Winning Shank

Fond du Lac of Communication

For Cying Out Loud

Fragrance Free Europe

Francis Ford Copula

Fred and Barney meet The Shmoo

Free Prize Inside

Freezer Burn

Fruit Leather Tuscadero

Funions & Dragons (MH)

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Gangy’s Rape Horn (“Arrested Development” fans will understand)

Gargling with Edith

Gas Powered Fudge Llama

Getting Serious About Riboflavin

Ghirardelli House Pock (AH)

Go Ahead and Leave. See if We Care

Goodnight Warren Moon

Goony Goo Goo

Goudimel Tillis

Grand Theft Otto (BG)

Green Day O’Connor

Group of War Pencils (BH)

Groupthink Freak Out

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H&R Communist Block (MH)

Hale to the Chef

Haliburton Cummings

Harold of Good News

Harry & the Apple Barrel

Hatteberg’s People’s Court

Haute Speech

Head Rush

Heard Enough Yet?

Helena Handbasket

High Fructose Corn Syrup on the Cob

His Eye is on the Jack Sparrow (JeL)

Hopped up on Goofballs

Hot Cross Buns of Steel

Heuristic Analog Rental Meat (H.A.R.M.)

Hugh Downs with the Sickness

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I Don’t Have Time for This

I Don’t Particularly Like My Aunt’s Legs

I Heart Candy

Ice Cream Trucks Without Borders

Idiot Savant and the Aggressive Panhandlers

Impractical Nurses

Indian Test Pattern

Intolerable Fragrance Society

Intramural Foosball Scholars

Is That You, Dave?

Is There a Musician in the House?

Jane Eyre Jordan

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Jazz Hates Johnny

JC Penney Marshall (JeL)

Jerry Lewis & Clark Kent

Jill Docking Station (KN)

Jo Jo & the Thomists

John Léonin and the Plastic Organum Band

Joie de Viva Las Vegas

Jon Sinclair: Old Olympic Disappointment (MH)

Judge Wapner’s Food Court (MH)

Judy Fear Mongering

June JeJune

Just Give Us Your Five Bucks, Okay

Just Kinda Upset About Some Stuff (a Rage Against the Machine tribute band)

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Kathy’s Sister (KN)

Kernel Debugger and the Random DLLs

Kernel Sanders

Killing Me Softly with His Smell

Kim Jong-il Divo

Kris Kringle & the Growing Ennui

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Lasers to Leeches

Lather Rinse Repeat

Lazy Susan Peters

Let’s all Think about Retailing

Let’s Calm our Hearts

Let’s Get Fiscal

Let’s Get This Over With

Lichen Bruise

Liquid Armpit

Listen to the Flowers

Little Debbie’s on the Up

LL Cool J. Gresham Machen

LL Cool Jay Prater

Like We Even Care about Your Favorite Song

Loquacious Mimes (MF)

Lucky Charm School (JeL)

Lunch Lady Agitprop

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Macho Business Donkey Wrestler

Madeline All-Bran

Majoring In Baloney

Man Ray & the Turnkey Dadaists

Marky Mark McCain

Martha Stewart Little Richard Marx Brothers Karamazov (KN)

Mary Chapin & The Carpenter Ants (MH)

Member FDIC

Menu Options Have Changed


Michael Cooper Tube Sock Massacre

Mighty Morphin’ Pocket Lemmings

Mild Stomach Upset

Mistaken Identity Crisis

Mogie Langston & The Shape of Jazz to Come

Mommy & the Others (BH)

Monster Truck Stop (MH)

Motley J. Crew (JeL)


My Three Nuns

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Nancy Drew Kelly Ron Paul Pierce Brosnan (JW)

Nat King Cole Porter Wagoner

Nathan Lane Davis Moore (JeL)

Naval Epaulettes Not Included (JP)


Neanderthal Man Overboard

New Kids On The H&R Block (MH)

NICU Groupthink

Night Ranger Rick Nelson (KN)

Nipsey Russell Stover (KN)

No, We’re Not Done Yet

None of your Bee’s Wax

Norma Gene Rump

Not These Guys Again!

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Objects in Mirror Closer Than They Appear (JW)

Off Track Vetting

Olivia Newton-John Anderson Bruford Wakeman and Howe

Ooo La La Leche


Operation: Hot Mother

Osama Ben Affleck

Oven Mitt Romney

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Packet Loss of Appetite

Pat Scimitar (SB)

Patchable Attack Footwear


Pectoral College

Pensive Dog Torsos

Perhaps You’re Overqualified

Photographic Mammery

Pink Floyd Cramer

Please Hold for Harassment (MH)

Plop Plop Fizz Fizz

Pocket Full of Funk (JeL)

Poofy Nag Lady (AH)

Popular Underground Callousness

Pop-up Book of the Apocalypse

Praying Mantras (JeL)

Pre-Nasal Drip

Pregnancy Coat Dilemma (NiH)

Prince Charles in Charge

Protein Shake Your Booty

Pulp Jello

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Queen Kong (KB)

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Rachael Ray Charles Nelson Reilly (KN)

Rage Against the Fax Machine

Raggedy Ansel Adams

Ranch Dressing & the Croutons (BH)

Randy Rhoads Scholars

Read Haute Lennox

Redneck Eloise & the Assertive Mocking

Relentless Chaffing

REO Speed Dial

Rest Home Anarchy

Robert Town Hall Meeting


Roger Staubacchanalia

Roy Turner Overdrive


Run-DMC. Everett Koop

Rusty Eck & the Ecktones

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Sad Apples (JeL)

Safe Mode

Safety is my Goal

Saggy Diapers That Leak

Salmonella Fitzgerald

Sandi Patty Duke Ellington

Sarah Palin Tall

Sardine Culture (JoL)

Sasquatch Beefeater Urinal

SATA Claus

Satan Lozenge (JW)

Screws, Nuts, and Jumpers

See Label for Sequence

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Johnson

Shakespeare Pizza

Shhhh! & the Impulsive Library Behavior

Sir Edmund Hillary Clinton Oklahoma (KN)

Six-Pack Abscess

Snuggle Bunny Death Ray

So in Love with Hangnails

So You’ve Decided to Take Up Macrame

Soft Copy

Some Settling May Occur

Speed Skate (MH)

Spongebob Costas

Squirrel Money Zippers (AH)

Spinning Toilet Lids (DH)

Steve Perry Mason-Dixon Line

Sturm und Dang Me (A German Roger Miller tribute band)

Stealth Bomber Sleepover (JW)

Sudden Distrust of Chest Hair

Super Karate Monkey Death Car

Super Model Airplanes

Surgeons got Back

Sweet Home Allah Akbar (the first album will be called “We Declare Yee Haw”)

System of a Down Slip

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Tackle the Chicken

Taco Bell Biv DeVoe

Taming of the Flu

Ted Flam & the Paradiddles

Terminal Pinkeye (CG)

That Band Down in Haysville

That Weird Kid from Monongahela

The 24/7 Sampler Band

The All Washed Ups

The Anorexic Ramp Monastery

The Baby Daddies

The Babysitter Who Whispered Shakespeare

The Bad Throughput Chamber Orchestra

The Balding Waitress Jug Band

The Band Formerly known as The Beer Bellies

The Blood & Guts Folk Revue

The Boubonic Plague Singers


The Charlie Batch Converters

The Cherry Sours

The Chia Pet Peeves

The Choosy Mothers of Invention that Choose Jif

The Cleft Palates

The Complicated Women of Trailer Park C

The Constipated Eiderdown

The Contrarian Yes Men

The Deafening Odor of Pizza (BH)

The Death of Swashbuckling

The Dewey Decibel System

The Disco Grindcore Big Band

The Disturbing Taste of Regret

The Dobby Brothers (Harry Potter fans will understand)

The Dropped Calls Quintet

The Enfamillionaires

The Ergonomically Correct Barbies

The Fair Ramones

The Fighting Amish

The Flush Timers (Cisco geeks will get this one)

The Fried Nacho Hat Singers

The Funeral Home Buffet Band

The General MIDI’s (JP)

The Grill from Empanada

The Guys Your Mom Warned You About

The Handy Backpacks (AH)

The Higher Powers

The Hipster Spinsters

The Hormonal Five-Year-Olds (JeL)

The Hot Spares

The I’m Just Sayin’ Big Band

The Impending Doom Singers

The Incontinent Dirigibles of Fate

The Indignant Shift Key

The Intangible Toenails (SG)

The Itching, The Burning

The Knowledgeable Anchormen

The Kyle Rote, Jr. Death Cult Wind Ensemble

The Lethargic Mattress Pad

The Low Postmen

The Moist Naugahyde Singers

The Mr. Whipple Memorial Big Band

The Mysterious Cravings of Al Roker

The Mystical Beer Bellies

The New Bad Hygiene Singers

The New Warp & Woof Singers

The Nuh-Uh’s

The Oatmeal Scotchies

The Pants Party

The Pink Jeans Company

The Plus Size Ombudsman

The Portaloos

The Presbyopic Six (JeL)

The Rampant Bedtime

The Remaining Hamburger

The Restless Legs Septet

The Robert Town Bluegrass Revival

The Room Temperature Big Band

The Shapeshifters

The Shortness of Breath Singers

The Slut Onesies

The Sorry State of Cliff Diving

The Spoonerisms

The Superfluous Windshields

The Surrealtors

The Swing Weasels

The Talent Eludes Us Septet

The Talking Toilets

The Tastes Like Chicken Trio

The Throbbing Fontanelles

The Torn ACL Blues Revue

The Truth about Spell Check

The Up-Too-Lates (JP)

The WD-40s

The Whodathunkit Symphony Orchestra

The You Can’t Make Me’s (JP)

The Zip Lines (AH)

This is Bacon (AH)


Three Cheers for the Greengrocer

Time-Release Placebo

Tina Turner Overdrive (MH)

Tommy John Surgery

Tough Love

Toxic Debt & the Bailouts

Truck Driver Divorce

Truck Stop Mensa League

Truck, Tractor and Groin Pull

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U2 Live Crew

Under Her Majesty’s Head (BH)

Unoriginal Sin

Unwanted Bleeding

Urinal Etiquette

Ushers…Please Come Forward

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Van Hellenist

Vasectomy Reversal

Voluptuous Humor Pigeon

Vulgar Display of Powerball

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Waitress Sweat

Wardrobe Maleficence

Washed Up Before Dinner

Watch Out for Snakes

We Already Tried Practicing

We Hate Audiences

We Suck at Canasta

Weight of the Tilt-a-World (MH)

Weird Al Gore Vidal

Wet Nurse Blues Revue

We’re Pooped…and So Are You

We’re Really Not This Bad

What’s All This Talk about Dill Weed?

Where Have You Been?

Wild Wacky Action Bike

Willie Wilson and the Chocolate Factory

Win Rammstein’s Money

Worst. Band. Ever.

Wreck of the Cotton Fitzsimmons


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X-ray Tex

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Yellow Armpit Trumpet

Yngwie Mallowmar

You Can’t Be Serious!

You Don’t Know Jack Van Impe

Youth in Asia

You’re Bleeding All Over Me

You’re Soaking In It

You’ve Got Male Pattern Baldness

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AH – Abbey Hale is the author/co-author of this one

BG – Brandon Gross is the author/co-author of this one

BH – Beccah Hale is the author/co-author of this one

CG – Curtis Gross is the author/co-author of this one

DH – David Hoyer is the author/co-author of this one

JeL – Jennifer Lancaster is the author/co-author of this one

JL – Jeff Luttrell is the author/co-author of this one

JoL – Joshua Luper is the author/co-author of this one

JP – Josh Pickenpaugh is the author/co-author of this one

JW – Jonathan Workman is the author/co-author of this one

KB – Katie Brandt is the author/co-author of this one

KN – Kevin Nikkel is the author/co-author of this one

MG – Michelle Gross is the author/co-author of this one

MH – Matt Hale is the author/co-author of this one

NaH – Natalie Hale is the author/co-author of this one

NiH – Nicole Hale is the author/co-author of this one

SB – Sean Brandt is the author/co-author of this one

SG – Sean Gross is the author/co-author of this one


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