Quotes from the Kiddos

This is a place where I am gathering some words, quotes, and phrases uttered by my kiddos. Unless I specifically mention it, I have no idea where or how the girls came up with these names and/or phrases.

Abigail: “What is that building with the Christmas lights on top of it?” Nicole: “Century II, where you went to see the symphony, and Dora the Explorer.” A: “Where’s Century I?”
Abbey: “Mommy, you smell good.” Nicole: “Really? What do I smell like?” A: “You smell like love!”
“Hmmmm…this water feels like a hundred blankets.” – Abbey’s reaction to warm bath water.
Nicole: “Look, girls! The moon is so beautiful tonight!” Abbey: “The moon tastes like gum.”
“Oh, let the politicians figure it out.” – Abbey on what to do about our leaky basement.
Three Shirting – What Abbey used to call her ear wax removal drops.
Moke – Abbey’s first intelligible word for “milk.
Pottycakes – Abbey’s original word for pancakes. Kinda gross, but hey…
“What if there was this legend that you could only see Jesus if you were American-made? Because all that Bible stuff happened in America.” – Abbey was known for constantly asking “what if” questions.
Abbey – “I was surprised to see anything about Louis Armstrong in a book on music. I thought he was a famous bicycle rider.” Papa – “You’re thinking of Lance Armstrong.” Beccah – “Yeah, Abbey. Louis Armstrong was the guy that went into space.” Papa – “Ummm…no, Beccah. You’re thinking of Neil Armstrong.” – I’m putting this under Abbey, although it just as easily could have gone under Beccah’s name.

“Does papa have to go to judy doty today?” – Uttered by Beccah. “Judy doty” was her way of saying “jury duty.”
Derek: “Do you think the moon is a boy or a girl?” Abbey: “A girl.” Rebeccah: “A bra would look funny on the moon.”
Abbey, where are you? I’m missin’ ya, bud!” – Beccah calling up from downstairs to her older sister.
“I always like to keep things when we buy them the first time–that’s just how my life is.” – Beccah talking about how she hated to return clothing that didn’t fit.
“Once upon a time, in star wars volume one, there were some people playing checkers on the moon. When Darth Vader came along and ruined their checker board and pushed them off the moon. And they plopped right onto Mercury and there Darth Vader showed up again and said, ‘Where’s your ice cream?’ So, they played checkers again, and nobody bothered them–again. The end.” – A Star Wars story composed by Beccah.
“Papa, I think a good rock song has to sound scary and have lots of guitars.” – Truth!
“Papa, I think Iron Maiden and Iron Man should just get married.”
“Hey look, Papa. That band misspelled the word Korn.”
“That sounds like something you’d hear at Von Maur.” – Beccah’s response upon hearing the piano intro to Billy Joel’s “Only the Good Die Young”

“Hey everypeoples, guess what! My birthday is comin’ up.” – Natalie informing everyone that her second birthday was approaching.
“That seal is poopy. I’m so tired of that.” – An outburst by Natalie upon seeing a seal on television.
Reggie – Natalie’s word for her satin-edged blankets. This came about when Natalie was a newborn and Nicole would ask for me to get Natalie her “edgie” blanket. Because Nicole has been known to speak very rapidly, the request became “gogetheredgie” which morphed into “Go get her Reggie.”
Paycuts – Natalie’s original word for pancakes.
“That’s my ‘sponsibility.” – An outburst, for no apparent reason, by Natalie.
Sugarbutter – Natalie sometimes calls macaroni and cheese sugarbutter. I have no idea why.
Derek: “Who made you?” Natalie: “God!” D: “What else did God make?” N: “Pizza, and sugarbutter, and wine!”
Derek: “Who made you?” Natalie: “God!” D: “What else did God make?” N: “Dream Theater, and marhmallows, and Rachael Ray.”
Alcohog – What Natalie called “alcohol.”
“Grandpa Motorcycle has bottom mustard at his office.” – Uttered by Natalie. No idea why.
“Mommy, how do you know that everything I’ve done in the world isn’t a dream?” – Uttered one night over dinner.
“Papa, Beccah says my opera is giving her a headache!” – Natalie tattling on Beccah after the latter got sick of hearing Natalie practice the “Queen of the Night” aria.
“Those Christmas lights have been asleep all year, but they can still spray out the magic.” – Natalie’s response to Derek putting up the Christmas lights in 2010.
“Mommy, I never told you this, but whenever you give me this kind of chip, it makes the sin in my heart cleaner.” – Natalie’s response to being given a Sun Chip.
“Mommy, I’m sorry to say that you have digestion.” – Natalie diagnosis while playing doctor with Nicole.
“You take a graham cracker, put chocolate and marshmallows on it, and you S’MORE them!” – Natalie’s recipe for s’mores.
“Sometimes God does not want them to do schoolwork. He knows what’s best and sometimes he wants them to take the rest of the day off.” – Natalie’s philosophy of her older sisters doing homework.
“They grow from chickens, and they take the babies out and give them to the chicks, and the put the yellow inside the egg and then put the skin on.” – Natalie’s theory on the origin of eggs.
“Well, I can take a bow if you want me to.” – Natalie’s response to being told that her dinnertime prayer was nice.
“Stuck out his beehive” – Natalie meaning to say “stuck out his bee-hind.”
“Broccoli” – Natalie’s definition of monotheism.
“Mommy, I don’t like your hair in a ponytail. Do you know why? Because of the way it sticks down. Maybe if I don’t look at you, that will help.” – Pretty self-explanatory.
“Sometimes I like it to be in Spanish so I don’t hear the romantic parts.” – Why Natalie sometimes watches Barbie DVDs with the Spanish audio going.
“There was once a castle and there was a big dragon in it named Desmond. And he roared. GROWL! There were also three princesses: Cinderella, Ariel and Jasmine. They escaped from the dungeon. And then they all went to Freddie’s and had ice cream.” – A fairy tale, Natalie-style.
“Papa, I love you so much I’m going to talk to you the whole time we’re at Dillons.” – Natalie’s life motto.
“Sometimes when I lean forward my brain muscle flops out.”
“Do you know why I fuss at mommy all the time? Because you’re not here.”
“I don’t wike my widdle wegs.” – Natalie’s version of “I don’t like my little legs.” She couldn’t say her “L’s” very well.
Natalie: “Why do people play guitars?” Derek: “Because they want to make music.” Natalie: “But people already have music with their CDs.”
Papa: “Natalie, if you don’t behave I will make you get back in mommy’s tummy.” Natalie: “No thanks. I would rather have a spank or a whuppin’.”
“One day they were eating breakfast and there was a knock at the door. It was Moses. Moses killed the people. Blood came out of their noses.” – Natalie “reading the Bible” to baby Isabella.
“India Golf Niner Niner. Abort! Abort! India Golf Niner Niner. Abort! Abort!” – Natalie screamed this while floating on her back during the “free swim time” of swimming lessons.
“This cleaning is going to make me faint.” – Natalie’s response to a couple of minutes spent cleaning her room.
“You know what I’m talkin’ about? I’m talkin’ about sleeping in the big girls’ room tonight. That’s what I’m talkin’ about, big boy.” – Blurted out to Derek one night after dance party.
“There’s something in my head that I can’t see. It’s called music.”
“Mommy, there’s a bird outside and he’s looking at me mad. He’s mad at me!” – Natalie’s response to seeing a bird outside her bedroom window.
Nicole: “What are you and Isabella making?” Natalie:”Meat. We are making meat to give to the Lord, because the Lord doesn’t like waffles.” – They were playing restaurant chef.
“Papa, could you get on the Internet and click on online resources?”
“I love caffeine. It’s beautiful!” – Natalie’s response upon taking a drink of soda.
“My belly button makes milk come out of my ear, and the milk comes out of my nipple.” – An early Natalie attempt to explain nursing.
“Awwww, it’s so cute.” – Natalie’s response to seeing Isabella’s placenta lying in Tupperware in the hospital.
“Heavenly Father, help Doc Hudson to get healthy and strong and to grow up and watch TV. In Jesus’ name, Amen!” – Natalie praying for her cousin a few days after he was born.
Abbey – “Mommy, my hair needs brushing.” Beccah – “My ear needs cleaning.” Natalie – “My nose needs boogering.”
“That settles it! I am a hottie!” – Natalie exclamation out-of-the-blue.
Natalie: “I’m glad you came in here and not Papa.” Nicole: “Why?” Natalie: “Because you’re my servant–Papa’s not my servant!”
“I have to go my country in the land of Jesus.”
“What if Grandma Ginny (Nicole’s grandmother) ran outside naked to pick some flowers?”
“Papa, there is a fly on my sun bib and he is bizzing. I’ll bring you the racquet.” – Natalie’s “sun bib” was a pink bib with a picture of a sunflower on it.

Derek: “Isabella, where are your shoes?” Isabella: “I don’t know. Let me text somebody and find out.”
“No, I don’t need anti-itch cream, I need chocolate chips.” – Bella’s response to being asked if she needed some meds for her mosquito bites.
“Does Mrs. Patterson have her Cubbie vest on underneath her shirt?” – Bella wondering whether her Awana leader always wears her Cubbie leader uniform.
“My favorite composer is John Rubber.” I think she mean “John Rutter,” but oh well.

Hot! – Originally a “catch all word” that he said all of the time. It have morphed into what he calls cars, wheels, and lights. And he also knows that hot things are “hot.”
Non – What Greyson calls milk.
Chi-chi non – Chocolate milk
Pop – What Greyson calls wine.
Ah-Doh! – Some mysterious word that Gresyon says every time he sees Tallis nursing. No idea what it means.


Not talking yet. Give him a break. The l’il dude is barely one year old.


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