The 2016 Zymurgy best beers list


I look forward to the Zymurgy’s list of the favorite beers as chosen by the magazine’s readership. Some people slag the list for not having nearly enough “whale beers,” but that’s one of the reasons I actually enjoy this list over others (such as the “whale” heavy Ratebeer top 50 list). The Zymurgy list contains most of what I enjoy and can get, plus a few things I can shoot for if I ever make it to either coast.

I’ve actually tried 35 of beers on the 2016 Zymurgy list. Of that 35, I have had all of them more than once except for Russian River’s Pliny the Elder. Unfortunately, due to Russian Rivers’ inability to keep up with the insane demand for that beer (not to mention their scarcity in the Midwest) I have only tried PtE once. I blogged about that experience here.

Many of the 35 beers that I have tried would end up on my personal top 50 favorite beers, although my personal 50 would also include a fair number of imports (especially Belgian beers). Those beers are broken out into a different category on the Zymurgy list.

Here are some other random thoughts about the 2016 list:

A word about the image at the top: It is a stock photo of hipster/praise & worship leader type guys drinking tallboys full of “golden suds.” And the guy on the right is taking their picture with a selfie stick. The picture is so awful I had to use it.