Basspiration Wednesday – 6/3/2015


Currently I am geeking on the debut album by the Linder Bros. Who exactly are the Linder Bros? They are two brothers — Erik and Henrik — who together make up 2/3 of the band Dirty Loops. Erik plays guitars and keyboards on the album while Henrik is the acclaimed bass player in the group.

Dirty Loops have never been shy about the biggest influences on their sound: Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Tribal Tech, and the Pat Metheny Group. When you listen to the Loops’ music the Stevie and Michael influences are readily apparent. But Tribal Tech and the Metheny Group? Not so much. What was hidden in Dirty Loops has been uncovered with the Linder Bros album.

The album is an auditory feast full of jazz-fusion deliciousness. The shadows of Tribal Tech, Metheny, Allan Holdsworth, and some of Toto’s jazzier moments hover all over this record. If you like any of those bands, or jazz-fusion in general, this will be a must-have for your collection.

Here is the EPK for the Linder Bros album.