Twenty things I love

My Facebook friend Jenni Simmons posted on her blog about twenty things that she loves. I commend Jenni’s blog, and that post in particular, to my dear readers.

After reading Jenni’s list I decided to blog my own. I’m pretty sure this list would be different if I were to put it together tomorrow. It is a good, great world that God has made. So great, in fact, that it is difficult to keep up with all of the things for which one must be thankful.

Jenni also gave one final rule for the list. “Not family, friends, or Jesus. We know that.” Got it.

1. Cold weather. Contrary to the opinions of others in this area, Wichita doesn’t receive nearly enough blizzard-like days and sub-zero temperatures. I am a Nordic soul perpetually stuck in the temperate climes of the Midwest.

2. The music of Andrew Peterson. Especially this song.


3. The amazingness that is Eighth Day Books. The best bookstore in the world is in my hometown. Yes, I’m biased and yes, it is that magical of a place. Even Rod Dreher thinks Eighth Day is amazing. And he’s right.

4. Pushing through the urge to be lazy and working out anyway.

5. A certain curve on the back of my wife’s leg.

6. Hearing my four daughters (ages 15, 14, 10, and 7) singing in flawless three-part harmony.

7. Watching my two rambunctous boys (ages 3 and 1) shoot baskets together on their toy basketball hoop.

8. The craft beer scene and how it has a yearly rhythm and seasonal aspect to it. Origami Spaceship saison in the spring, Stormchaser IPA for the summer, Zombie Monkie porter for the fall, and Burbon Barrel Quad in the winter. And that is only beer from breweries in my proverbial backyard.

9. The music of the European band Tristan. Especially this song.


10. The corporate singing of the saints at our church during Lord’s Day worship. Especially on the Ordinaries (the Sanctus/Benedictus, the Doxology, the Nunc Dimittis) when the little saints realize we are singing something in their wheelhouse and really cut loose.

11. The little gasps and sighs that newborns make after they have cried themselves to sleep.

12. The smell of my wife’s hair.

13. The smell of a newborn after a bath and lotion.

14. The bass playing of Pino Palladino. Especially on this song by Elton John.


15. The feeling you get when severe storms have been in the forecast for days, then the storms begin to pop to the west, then they slide right past your house to the north or south and you get next to nothing. It’s a rush, man!

16. My wife’s hummus. Especially the “extra garlic” recipe. Shoo boy.

17. The heavy relaxation of a newborn as they sleep on your chest for several hours. I’m sensing a recurring newborn/baby theme here. Hmmmmm….

18. The music of Arvo Pärt. Especially this piece.


19. A perfectly timed low D at the end of a power ballad. Especially if I am the one playing it on my bass.

20. God’s sure promise in the resurrection of Christ of the resurrection of the dead and the hope of the life to come.