Basspiration Wednesday – 4/29/2015

Damian Erskine is a tremendously talented electric bassist. He is the regular touring bassist for vocalist Gino Vannelli, the bassist on several jazz recordings, and an educator who has authored two books aimed at helping bass players. He is also the nephew of legendary jazz drummer Peter Erskine (of Weather Report fame).

Damian has a Kickstarter project going that will fund the recording of his next album, which is going to be a jazz record. I supported the project. Would you consider doing the same? Here is a link to Damian’s Kickstarter page.

To whet your appetite a bit further, here is a video of Damian playing in a trio setting with Uncle Peter and pianist Vardan Ovsepian. A warning in advance. The video on this last link is maddeningly jumpy for some reason. Ignore the video and listen (preferably on headphones) to the wonderful music.