Basspiration Friday – 4/17/2015

This is the tune “She’s the Woman” by Van Halen from their band’s triumphant return to the stage in January 2012. The location of the show was the historic Cafe Wha? in Greenwich Village.

The quality on this amateur cell phone video is absolutely horrendous. Nevertheless, the video’s lo-fi audio is a great boon to electric bass fans. Since the person shooting the video was standing directly in front of bassist Wolfgang Van Halen’s bass rig, Wolfie’s bass is front and center (along with uncle Alex Van Halen’s drums). Should anyone think that Wolfie got the Van Halen bass gig through an act of nepotism on father Edward’s part, this video shoots that out theory out of the water. Wolfie can seriously play. Great tone, killer ideas, and a groove that doesn’t quit. He also covers ably the high vocals sung previously by original bassist Michael Anthony.

Oh, and he has a red and white striped bass guitar that matches dear ol’ dad’s axe. So there is that, as well.