Basspiration Wednesday – 4/15/2015

I am casually looking for a fretless bass to purchase. I say “casually” because I’m holding out for nicer, new-to-met Pedulla Pentabuzz fretless, even if it takes me several years to save for one.

One of the best-known Pedulla Pentabuzz players is Mark Egan, formerly the bassist in the Pat Metheny Group. Long before Egan was a Pedulla endorser he was a student of Jaco Pastorius and played a fretless Fender Jazz bass through (at least in this video) a Peavey amplifier.

Even though the video goes out of sync with the audio, I love this clip because it features a very aggressive sound from Egan that he long-ago abandoned. His tone here is quite growly and aggressive while his note choices and lines are outstanding. This is a sound and, more importantly, an attitude that I wish Egan would re-investigate at some point on a future recording.