Basspiration Friday – 1/16/2015

I’ve been overdosing a great deal lately on the music of Snarky Puppy. If you aren’t familiar with the Puppy’s music, you should be. The band was formed in 2004 by a group of friends in Denton, Texas although the band now calls Brooklyn, New York home. The band is fronted by bassist and composer Michael League while the rest of the band varies according to who is available to record or tour.

This performance is from the band’s 2013 project Family Dinner — Volume 1 and features legendary singer Lalah Hathaway. The song cooks on a slow boil until about 4:38 and then it takes off into the stratosphere. The band’s groove pushes Hathaway to throw several amazing multiphonics passages into her scat singing. In response, the band pushes the groove even harder until the end. Exciting stuff.

I love Snarky Puppy’s fierce DIY attitude toward their art and their career. Their live videos are so well planned, amazingly shot, and sound incredible. I love how they sell a few tickets to lucky fans, seat them onstage, provide them their own headphone mix, and make the audience a part of the show. The music of Snarky Puppy is my favorite example of “new music that doesn’t suck” and I hope they continue just the way they are for many more albums to come.


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