Basspiration Wednesday – 1/14/2015

I can listen for days to isolated tracks on the Interwebz. The bass web site No Treble even has a recurring feature on isolated tracks.

For the uninitiated, isolated tracks are songs that have been updated (usually to YouTube) that have all but just a few instruments or even the vocals stripped away. How folks manage to do this is a bit of a mystery but chances are very good your favorite song(s) have an isolated track out there.

While searching for something else this past weekend I stumbled upon a goldmine of isolated tracks. The site can be found here. There are dozens of great songs that have had all of the instruments stripped away except for the drums and bass. Again, how the proprietor of the site did this is shrouded in mystery. I am choosing to enjoy the fruit of someone’s labors rather than understand how it was done exactly.

Two favorites from the site include Walter Becker’s slinky bass line on the Steely Dan song “Gaucho” and Anthony Jackson’s work on Steely’s “Glamour Profession.” The session drummers and guitar players with The Dan tend to get all of the love, but the inhabitants of the bass chair on Steely Dan records is just as impressive. Jackson and Chuck Rainey tend to get all of the love, but Becker was (and is) a dynamite bass player.


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