Basspiration Friday – 1/09/2015

I’ve been down for a lot of this week with the dreaded “what going around” sickness (probably the flu). But all of that downtime in bed allowed me to peruse the web looking for stuff to watch while the body aches, fever, and other junk raged.

I was able to watch online the entire concert of Peter Gabriel Live in Athens in 1987. That concert was filmed on Gabriel’s tour to promote the album So and is available on a Blu-Ray disc here.

The bass player for the show was (of course) the great Tony Levin and he was in spectacular form. I’ve seen many Gabriel videos so I was familiar with watching Levin play most of the tunes live. However, one that I had not seen was a version of one of my favorite Gabriel songs — “Family Snapshot.” The song is quite harrowing (you can read the story here) but Gabriel’s song captures perfectly the pathos and anger of the subject matter. Levin plays one of his MusicMan fretless basses to great effect on the song.

After the jump you’ll find the lyrics to Gabriel’s song.

The streets are lined with camera crews
Everywhere he goes is news
Today is different
Today is not the same
Today I make the action
Take snapshot into the light, snapshot into the light
I’m shooting into the light

Four miles down the cavalcade moves on
Driving into the sun
If I worked it out right
They won’t see me or the gun

Two miles to go, they’re clearing the road
The cheering has really begun
I’ve got my radio
I can hear what’s going on

I’ve been waiting for this
I have been waiting for this
All you people in TV land
I will wake up your empty shells
Peak-time viewing blown in a flash
As I burn into your memory cells
’cause I’m alive

They’re coming ’round the corner with the bikers at the front
I’m wiping the sweat from my eyes
It’s a matter of time
It’s a matter of will
And the governor’s car is not far behind
He’s not the one I’ve got in mind
’cause there he is-the man of the hour, standing in the limousine
“I don’t really hate you
I don’t care what you do
We were made for each other
Me and you
I want to be somebody
You were like that too
If you don’t get given you learn to take
And I will take you.”

Holding my breath
Release the catch
And I let the bullet fly

All turned quiet I have been here before
Lonely boy hiding behind the front door
Friends have all gone home
There’s my toy gun on the floor
Come back Mum and Dad
You’re growing apart
You know that I’m growing up sad
I need some attention
I shoot into the light


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