Basspiration Friday – 12/26/2014

It seems that Canadian bassist Alain Caron can do it all. He is an extraordinary slap/funk player. He is a wonderful fretless player, coaxing beautiful sounds out of his F Bass 6-string fretless. As if that wasn’t enough, he doubles on the upright and is a virtuoso on that instrument, as well.

Caron came to prominence as a member of the Canadian jazz-rock fusion outfit UZEB. In 1993, Caron released his first solo album called Le Band and has released eight studio albums so far. His latest release is called Multiple Faces and this video is the opening track from that disc.

I love everything about this track. The slinky fretless groove is obviously a standout, but I love the way Caron interacts with drummer Damien Schmitt. Schmitt brings a manic, almost punk rock energy to this track and Caron’s bass line offers a calm counterpoint to the frenzy coming from the drum chair.


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