Basspiration Friday – 12/05/2014

Give a look see to the following two videos. The bass player in these vids is Marta Altesa. She grew up with musical training but has only been playing the bass for 3-4 years. She is a HUGE fan of the band Jamiroquai, as you can see in this first video.

She also plays a mean fretless bass.

Altesa is an amazingly good bass player with a great instinct on the instrument, killer tone, and a real ear for detail. The way she plays the Pino Palladino fretless line so effortlessly in tune on the Paul Young tune is really striking.

What she is doing here also underscores something I’ve been thinking about for a while. You really can go a long, long way on an instrument by finding great recordings, figuring out what is happening on the recordings, and then playing along. This isn’t to knock formal education and all that that entails. It’s just that, for those of us that are older and don’t have time/money to devote to formal musical education, there is much work to be done and much that can still be accomplished via other means.

As a footnote, it is very cool the way Altesa’s devotion to learning Jamiroquai’s music paid off.



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